Happy Birthday! Thoughts on Turning 28

Growing up, I use to hate my birthday. I did not like receiving gifts or being celebrated; I can trace my dislike to a memory back when I was around 6 years old. I ruined the surprise behind my birthday gift, and as I sat and pouted on the steps of our front terrace, I began to believe that birthdays were bound to be ruined and suck.

In my late teens I learned to embrace celebrations and actually took joy in planning bashes! From mini masquerade parties, to hiking picnics and cottage getaways, I learned that celebrating myself was a healthy thing. Am I ever glad God healed my hurt and transformed my thought process! No matter what you are walking through in life, your birthday is a special date. It is a reminder that you have a purpose on Earth! You were brought into this world because it would not be the same without you. Even if you are the only person present, celebrate YOU.

If you are unhappy with where you are at in life, and it is stopping your birthday appreciation, reflect on what steps you can take to change the things making you unhappy. Is it a relationship? Your job? Your physical health? If there is something within your control, make a conscious decision to take a step towards a positive change. If there is nothing you can physically do to change your surroundings at this time, then at least make the decision to change your state of mind! And then go do something you love to celebrate YOU! 🙂

This year I spent my 28th birthday mostly in bed with no voice and an irritating cough. My celebrations were put on hold, and frankly, I really enjoyed the low-key day. Since my husband was feeling under the weather himself, he stayed home and took me for brunch and a short forest walk to get fresh air. I spent the rest of the afternoon reflecting and relaxing in bed while he made me one of my favourite soups (butternut squash!). Most individuals would consider this a crappy birthday, but I chose to find the good in my day, and rest was such a good and positive thing!

One of my birthday traditions is to sit down and reflect on the year that has passed and the one that is beginning. Like turning the page in a new chapter, there is excitement in sitting down with God and getting a feel for what the year has to come.

What do I feel 28 has in store?
More goal acquisitions! I feel this year will be one that is filled with new steps taken towards some of the goals I currently have. I do not know what my career will look like as contracts shift, and I do not know where I want to take this blog, but I know God has surprising doors waiting to be opened by me. I know it will take work and dedication, but I feel ready to push deeper into where I feel God is calling me in life.

I also feel it will be a year where I am more diligent in allowing God to heal my heart. I know there are areas where I still struggle with past hurts, and areas of my character that need a little more polishing (or severe washing…). You are guaranteed to see some teary posts surface from the process!

So! CHEERS to 28 and everything it has in store!

What are some of your birthday traditions?
How did you spend your birthday this year?
Leave your thoughts on a comment below!


With love,



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