About Me

ash bhs grad
My selfie game is somewhat strong

Hey there, friend!

I’m Ashley. A bubbly 30 something year old raising two cute little munchkins by day and sometimes sitting behind a camera for some spiritual mentorship by night! And of course I work at persuading my husband to have extra cheat meals in between!

I began my first blog in 2012 but, like many things in my life, it was placed on the back-burner while I went full throttle into career development mode. I have been writing since a young age, and have always found it to be a good outlet to express the plenitude of thoughts in my mind. I feel that honesty in sharing perspectives, epiphanies, and the emotions of a heart is not only an eye opener for those around us, but it is a great way to encounter revelation and growth in our own journeys.

ash pizza
Favourite Pizza Toppings: Black Olives, Jalapeños, Pineapple

So, without further ado, welcome to my messy, sometimes hilarious, sometimes raw and bluntly convicting, train of thought!

With love,


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