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Hi there!

Welcome to the blog! My hope is that amongst these words you come to see that in life you are never as alone as you think you are -in your brokenness, frustrations, goals or shortcomings. We all face similar emotions as we walk through life, and I have created an open space where we can sit and chat about them all. I hope you too find little bursts of hope, laughter, and spiritual revelations throughout these pages.

Maybe you will laugh, maybe you will cry, but in the end I pray you will feel a little less alone, and a little more encouraged and understood. We are all on a journey to finding our purpose and enjoyments in life, why not do it together?


Blog Set Up

We now have audio recordings of our posts for all the busy bodies that would like to listen while you go through your day instead of putting off reading until later (because we all know later gets forgotten). Audio recordings can be found on our Youtube channel under the “Blog Posts” play list.

Self-growth: I believe there is something to be learned through every experience we face in life -both good and bad. Though I write with a spiritual perspective in mind, there is something to be learned and received by all that come by for a read! My posts are very much focused at the practical side of applying change, thus you will find plenty of tips and tricks to try out in your everyday life.

Spiritual growth: The more spirituality focused material can be found under the “Spirituality” tab. This section will have things like bible studies, church notes, and faith-based living topics. Even if you do not have a faith, I encourage you to check it out as many of the points I try and present are steering of conversation and insight.

Devotionals: There is a devotional series in the making! These will be held on Youtube with some of the resulting summaries being posted in this section of the blog. PDFs to follow along and lead group (or self) discussions are also in the works. This is something I am very much excited for! If you would like to stay up to date click “subscribe” so once our videos go live you are in the front lines of finding out!

I love hearing from others, so feel free to send me a message or leave comments around the page.

Much love,


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