Newlywed Truths: Post-Wedding Weight Gain

Yup. The post-wedding weight gain no one informs us about. It happens. And it happens big time!

Throughout our wedding planning process a workout routine was a given in my books. I was a fairly active individual so we only had to add  little more to our gym routine. We happily fit into our wedding day attire, and naturally we got extra comfortable with our meals once we got back from eloping in Banff and re-entered our daily routine.

Our indulgence was doughnuts. Sugary, deeply fried, doughnuts. Our local grocery store puts their half dozen doughnut box at 50% once the bakery closes, and we would go pick-up a box and inhale it in one sitting … a couple times a week. No joke, no restrictions. Definitely no self control on my end. (Side note: if you have a Zehrs in your area, their glazed croissant doughnuts are crack).

Was the weight gain our doing? Yes.
Could we have worked harder to prevent it? Yes.
Is it common? Every newlywed I’ve talked to has experienced it on some level, so yes. But that does not justify it!

“It is a sign of happiness!”, “I gained 20lb in two months!”, “It shows how comfortable you are!” were some of the encouraging words passed our way, but it does not change the fact that we threw our healthy lifestyle out the door and blamed our unhealthy choices on marriage. Both of us are now working on reducing that excess weight, and believe me, the sugary moments were not worth the unflattering clothes that now sit in my closet.

One thing we should stop and acknowledge is that most couples are working out and dieting harder than normal pre-wedding, and that once we cut down on those activities some weight is likely to return. However, there is still plenty we can do to maintain our weight where we want it as we return to our “normal” routine. Here are four habits that can help you navigate away from the post-wedding weight gain!

1. Stay on top on of your workout routine: I do not see it as an issue to take some time off the week after your day, after all it is healthy and good to enjoy your newlywed status without a schedule! I personally would not go beyond the 7 days off as it does become harder to rejoin a schedule as more days pass. Even if you do a 20 minute youtube workout, keeping your brain engaged in fitness will make the return to the gym much easier.

2. Indulge but don’t throw away the control: this is where I failed big time! You deserve to enjoy the food, the sweets, and pop that bottle of sparkling wine, but exercise self control. Perhaps having two bottles of wine with an entire cheesecake that could serve 8 is not the best choice, so opt for that one glass and a shared slice instead!

3. Find accountability: did you have a gym buddy or accountability partner prior to your wedding day? Reach out and see if you can remain on a similar routine. Perhaps you can even ask your spouse to join you in some fun couple-workouts, or at least keep you accountable to a routine if you are working out at home. When we have to answer to someone it makes it a little harder to cheat and slack, so find accountability!

4. Watch the alcohol, sugars, and empty carbs: I am sure you have heard that “carbs are the enemy”, but that is NOT all true! Alcohol, sugars, and empty carbs are what is worst for our systems and cause a lot of bloating when we step outside of moderation. As you enjoy dinners together and more post-wedding celebrations, be mindful of what you are consuming. Perhaps you can reduce your sugary drinks and pasta dinners so you can enjoy a guilt free slice of decadent chocolate cake on the weekend. There is nothing richer than knowing you will fit into your favourite jeans even after enjoying your favourite dessert!

Did you experience the post wedding weight gain? What are some other tips you have found helpful? Leave your thoughts on a comment below!

With love,



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