The tantrum that broke my heart

I sat in my parents walk-in closet while on our first family vacation, starring at a little boy that was so visibly overcome with emotions. His red face. His tear stained cheeks. Exhausted eyes. Trying to push me away while destroying many things within his reach to simply release his emotions.

I wasn’t heartbroken for him; i know how deeply loved he is. But as I sat on the cold tiled floor, listening to him scream in emotional turmoil, I thought of all the small, helpless children that cry and scream this way in fear. The ones that are abused, their bodies used as a place for adults to throw their anger, or gain their pleasure. My heart broke for all the innocent children crying out for someone to bring them safety that get no embrace in response.

We live in such a disgusting world when we look at how much pain and trauma the helpless in our society face. Yes, there is beauty in God’s creation, but there is also so much ugly hiding in sin and darkness.

My heart gets so heavy for the little ones that don’t have a loving parent to protect them, to show them love, to help build their little spirits. For the single parents that are just barely holding it together with no one they can trust to lean on. For the overwhelmed parent that feels like they are about to bust with exhaustion, or their own pent up emotion.

I don’t know why I write this post. Maybe to call your spirit to wake up if you are taking your child for granted; if you have let you discipline towards them become more physical than it needs to be. Maybe you have been considering to foster hurting children – this is your push. Mostly I think i am writing this so that I can clear my mind of the heaviness i feel with these thoughts.

We need Jesus. We need so much more Jesus in our hearts and homes so that we can overflow onto the lives of those that need it most. I am preaching to myself here, for I know I have fallen so short of loving those around me as well as Jesus calls us to. But let this moment be the start of us turning that around.

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