“Dew from Heaven” (Prayer)

As I prayed in a worship night yesterday, I felt the following words for you:

We were signing the words “Have your way … we have come to give you Glory” and God spoke to me of the word surrender.

We bring Glory to Him through our actions, but even more through the positioning of our hears. We bring Him Glory by following through on where he is leading interventions, by completely trusting in His work and in His timing, even by trusting Him to work through the hands of surgeons.

In saying “have your way” we present perhaps the biggest honour to Him; this is a complete surrender of our all to Him. It is a laying down of our control and fears, and an act of complete faith and trust in Him. We bring Him honour in that complete abandonment, where it becomes all about Him without us fearing for our lives; when we pursue Him and lift our voice and arms in praise through our most difficult times and choose to place Him at the centre of our current circumstance. We take away the power of anything that is not God’s when we say “we are forever Yours, have Your way”.

We saw Jesus in complete abandonment to God as He prayed “Father, if You are willing, remove this cup from Me; yet not My will, but Yours be done”. (Luke 22:39-42). In these moments of surrender, when we are presenting Him with our most precious things in life, we must also be strengthened by knowing that we do not stand alone. That our spiritual family stands gathered in His name believing and proclaiming for healing, and that not only is the Holy Spirit is interceding for us, but Jesus himself intercedes for us. (Romans 8:26-27, Matthew 18:20, Hebrews 7:25).

Sister, we stand with you. We surrender our prayers for your health to God. We stand with you in declaring that your lung will respond to treatment. We pray that God’s hands would step in more than they already have and that you would be able to bypass surgical intervention. If it is His will that healing be brought through these selected surgeons, we come against any virus and bacterial infection resistant to treatment that is prominent in Dominican Republic and we say “you shall not cross the threshold from earth into her Holy body; this body belongs to the Lord, you do not enter”.  Sister, we believe with you, we intercede for you, and we will rejoice with you as you walk away from this event whole and well by His hand speaking His testimony over your life.

God we thank you for her life, we thank you that you have her, you hear her, and you will heal her. We thank you for the spiritual strength and support that is cultivated by the thousands of believers standing with this family in prayer. We thank you for the door you have opened and the one you will continue to open to make this process and transition home as seamless as it can be. God, we thank you for the protective covering that surrounds her, and that you will not allow anything outside of your will to trespass it. We declare an absolute healing of her lung, we command it to inflate and for any leakage to close in the name of Jesus; body, we command you to align with the hands of the creator, to function as you were made to, whole and without error. God we thank you for your goodness, for your comfort, for your peace. We thank you that this family does not stand alone, that you are among them as they await your work. You are ever real and tangible, and we ask that your presence be so heavily felt through this time.

In Jesus name,


If you would like to bless this couple head on over to their Go Fund Me Page.


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