Valentine’s Day Isn’t Just For Couples

Truth be told, I am not a fan of Valentine’s day and am glad Anth is not big on celebrating it. I think it is a commercial holiday that puts pressure and unneeded stress on  couples to have these elaborate romantic dates, and it can leave individuals not currently in a relationship feeling a little less chipper than desired. I can appreciate the effort put into showing your love for someone on this date, but wouldn’t you feel even more surprised if the act was done on a random day? I don’t know. Call me the V-Day Grinch. Spoiler alter: I am also the Halloween Grinch and a partial Christmas Grinch (just the commercialize side of it, loooove me some Christmas otherwise!).

That being said! Perhaps you are a Valentine’s Day lover are not quite sure how to spend the day without a significant other. I have partaken in my fair share of heart filled celebrations and wanted to share four ideas with you! Before you continue reading, may I suggest you later hop onto this month’s guest post by Ashley-Dawn on “Single On Valentine’s Day” for a little single ladies perspective on this date.

Girls Valentine’s Day Hang
Love on your crew (be it your sisters, your mom, or your girls). Get dressed up and go for dinner and drinks together, or throw on something comfy and stay in together baking and decorating freshly baked cupcakes. Watch your favourite movie or even learn the dance steps to your favourite song and have a good laugh making a video! Spending time together with your girls is one of the best ways to refuel and enjoy Valentine’s Day.

Volunteer At Your Local Soup Kitchen
For some individuals a romantic dinner is the last thing on their minds; they would appreciate casual conversation and a listening ear to accompany a warm meal. Getting a group of friends together and going to love on those the world often rejects can be the purest reflection of love. Jesus speaks of us loving on the widows and orphans, but other books like Proverbs also speak of the good that is created by being present for the poor. Warm someone’s heart and show them love by putting aside your comfort and sitting at their table with a willing heart.

Pamper Yourself
Do it. Love on yourself! If you have not yet spent your self-care budget for the month, Valentine’s Day is a great day to show yourself and your body how much you love and appreciate all it does for you. Go get your hair or nails done. Go get a massage or facial. Buy yourself your favourite flowers, go spend some time at a spa or on the ski hills. Grab a meal from your favourite restaurant or check out that spin or yoga class you have been eyeing! Do things that bring you joy and leave you feeling confident.

Have A Night With Jesus
You might give me an eye-roll with this one but hear me out.
Make a playlist of your favourite worship songs and keep it playing while you make dinner and cozy up with a few candles and a journal. Perhaps listen to a funny sermon (I like Joye Meyer or Steven Furtick for this, always bringing humour even to serious topics!) or catch up on some inspirational messages from one of the Christian Youtubers you follow. Loving on your spirit is sure to fill your heart and mind with love and peace.  Sitting to journal and allowing God to love on you and speak into your life and future is what the basis of love is all about. Without Him in our love tanks run dry and are never quite satisfied.

And don’t forget that your favourite chocolates will be on sale the next day! Haha!

Whatever you find yourself doing on Valentine’s Day, know that you are so incredible loved and desired by the God that created you. Romans 8:39

What will I be doing? Likely hitting the gym or studying, enjoying a glass of something with the Mr and then cozy’ing up with my journal or book for some Jesus and me time. Let me know how you are spending Valentine’s Day on a comment below!

With love,



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