2018: New Year, New Chapter

As I was settling into bed on January 1st, I sat quietly to hear out what God wanted for me this year. Would it be year of personal growth? Or perhaps more of a focus on growing my two businesses? I was ready for my goal. But what I heard in my spirit left me confused!

2018 is the year of letting GO!
* of fear
* of anger
* of expectations
* of plans
* of dreams
* of the past
* of the need to always be in the know
* of pride
* of distractions
* of self criticism
* of passive aggression

It is all about letting God navigate while I sit back, trust, and enjoy the ride and all its stops.

I did not quite understand at first WHY I was to let go of my dreams and plans, after all, a planner does not function well without plans! Yet the more I pondered the idea, the more desirable it became. Over the years I have prided myself on always having direction and a goal I was working towards. Whether it was in fitness, my career, or a hobby, once I had a plan set, the drive kicked in and at it I went. It is a good quality to have, but, like anything else, there are also downsides to it. Sometimes we are a little less flexible when things don’t go as planned, other times we can get a little too prideful of our success and accomplishments; the worst is how badly we criticize ourselves and the expectations we place on others to also push for what we believe their success to be.

This last year I have grown plenty in these areas, and it has been a breath of fresh air for my nerves! Still, the idea of letting go of plans and dreams just as I am starting to gain momentum in two big areas is a little frightening – even when God asks it! That being said, I cannot wait to let go! God does not ask of us what will cause us harm (Psalm 121:7), quite the opposite, He asks us to let go of what is “me” in order for the goodness that is Him to come and overtake us (John 3:30). I know that the dreams He has for me are more fitting and exciting than what my mind can muster up (Jeremiah 29:11). I know that the road to my goals is much easier when it is Him navigating and not me hesitating at every fork on road (Psalm 23:2-3)! And if I am honest, I am so ready to not have my *ish together all the time and just roll with whatever comes my way!

Enough of me. What about you? What do you think 2018 has in store for you?
Share your thoughts on a comment below!

With love on a Wednesday,



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