Spiritual Writer’s Block

I have so many unfinished drafts on this blog!
Lifestyle drafts, relationship drafts, devotional drafts … there is plenty of content. And I cannot publish them because I am not at peace with them.

I started this blog as a place of spiritual expression and growth. Each post is meant to be a reflection that brings counsel and encouragement to the reader. Lately the minute I trigger a memory that brings about frustration it results in my draft having an angry paragraph, or a judgmental or condemning tone. If my writings are not in line with what I feel Holy Spirit is leading me to present, I cannot bring myself to publish the post.

I’m human. I have resentment in me, I sometimes want to get back at people, and I want to tell off people who claim Christianity yet encourage others to live in the godless manner that they also live in. These are not some of my best qualities, but I have them. I also have the wisdom to know that a paragraph I resentfully write might hurt someone who reads it, or that an accusing post could push someone further away from God. And I want neither. Well, mostly neither … Sometimes I do want to get back at people…

Much of life is like this for me. There have been times were I listened to my flesh and made a decision that I completely regretted moments later; the best of my decisions have come from the place where I let God lead. The place where I said no to my desires, and yes to something bigger and better that I could not yet see. I think this is why so many of our young individuals have walked away from a relationship with God. It is so hard to deny yourself what the world makes to look “normal”and “desirable” -the partying, the sex, the materialistic happiness, no one saying no to you. How can we deny immediate flesh gratification and hold on to something better that we cannot see? This shows the importance of keeping your spiritual strength in check so that you CAN resist the urges your human nature has. So much good can come from pausing and reflecting on the consequences your actions could have.

That was a rabbit trail.

So! Though I could publish one post to get back at one individual, I choose to run to God, strengthen my spirit and deal with my dirty issues, and publish a post that can comfort and guide 20 (or 100) individuals. So my posts may be coming out slower than desired, and my devotional schedule may be held back a bit,  but it will be worth it for us both (yes, you benefit too!).

Life is about wise decisions.
What is driving some of your decisions today?With love,


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