Becoming a Boss Babe: Chase Your Career Goals

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I am tired of hearing those that have no goals for their lives discourage those that have a fire to pursue their dreams.

In the last six months I made three major career moves: I gave up a permanent position for a less stable contract, I took a pay cut, and I walked into a portion of my field that I have very little experience in. I took these steps because I believe they are shaping me (and my resume) towards the direction I want to take my career in. I recall sharing my thoughts regarding my next career move with two individuals and having a reality check on how one’s unhappiness can so quickly spread. The one individual negatively questioned my desire for a bigger career, discouraged my search for higher education, and left me feeling a little bothered to say the least. The other encouraged my goals, allowed me to share my ‘why’ with excitement, and reminded me to always fight for what would make me happy. Maybe a 9-5 job in the same office for 30 years is what you want. You like comfort and stability, there is nothing wrong with that. But if you know someone who is pushing for bigger things in their life, don’t damper their excitement simply because their career wants differ from yours.

Society today tells you to do a little bit of school if needed, but to find a job with security. I bid a french adieu to that standard. Don’t settle out of fear or because no one else believes in your goals. Don’t let standards and expectations box you in. Maybe you’ll be the first of your kind in something! You will only know if you give it a good fight and try. Recently I was told the story of one of the individuals I work with: a part time ER clerk who wanted more. He worked as a clerk, then became a cast technician, decided to go back to school, and is now a successful plastic surgeon. There is no doubt that education and training take money and time. During my university years I worked two jobs while doing full time school, and believe me, it was not a walk in the park. I was exhausted a lot, and dreamt of mornings where I could get a few moment to myself away from homework and work responsibilities. Was it worth it to graduate and be one step closer to my goals? Absolutely.

If you are bitter about your current job, speak up to the right people and ask for help in developing a goal plan to get to where you want to be. There is always a way for you to move forward. It doesn’t matter what the situation you face today is, you have power to change your tomorrow. It will take work and drive, you will probably cry A LOT, but there is a way to get to where you want to go.

Some great planning resources:
College and University 
Financial Advisor
Career Development Offices
Individuals in your desired field

¬†It’s okay to dream. Just don’t forget to work at your dreams as well.

With love,


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